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Why Is There Power in the Blood? // Part 2( 00:00:00 )

Pastor Benny Hinn continues his teaching on the blood of Jesus, pointing to the fact that an animal’s sacrificial blood was sprayed seven times in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16:15), a foreshadowing of the shedding of Christ’s blood seven times—His body (“sweat became like great drops of blood”) in the Garden of Gethsemane, His face when His beard was plucked out, His head from the crown of thorns, His beaten back, His hands that were nailed to the cross, His feet, and His pierced side. “Jesus Christ shed His blood to cover the sins of the whole world,” Pastor Benny proclaims, “but only those who accept the blood sacrifice will we be accepted.” Get ready for a powerful, life-changing broadcast!

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