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  • David Bennett A Gay Rights Activist Has An Experience With God

    A former anti-Christian gay rights activist has described how he met Jesus in a pub - and turned over his homosexuality to God. David Bennett is among those who welcomed the decision by the Church of England bishops to hold fast to biblical standards on same-sex relationships.


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  • Building The Church - From The Outside In

    Most churches open the doors each Sunday... and then wait and pray for the people to come in. But not The Dream Center. Their outside-in model means that they are out serving their community first, then encouraging them to church.


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  • The Moment When a Pastor Forgave His Son's Killer

    Carlos began attending a ministry group after serving 20 years in prison for murder. Some months later, on a night when Carlos was unable to attend, Nelson Vargas came to the same group for the first time to share his testimony. God redeemed him from a life of gangs and called him to pastor in Chicago. Carlos heard about Pastor Nelson's testimony and called me the next day to reveal new information and ask a question. He said the man he had murdered was Nelson’s son, and he asked if I would be willing to act as intermediary so he could tell Nelson how sorry he was for what he had done.



  • David Bussau, the inspiring social entrepreneur

    Having retired at the age of 35 from a successful business career, David Bussau endowed a foundation to pioneer a concept of providing marketplace solutions for social problems. His foundation has birthed 15 international movements addressing a broad spectrum of social issues in developing countries, including health, education, nutrition, water, microfinance, persecution and leadership.



  • How Great Thou Art as performed by Carrie Underwood And Vince Gill

    Truly amazing performance at the CMA's by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill, singing How Great Thou Art.



  • Lifestyle Christianity - Movie

    This feature length movie takes you into four normal days of the life of Todd White. Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on how Todd White represents our King with every breath that he has.


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  • The Heart Of Spiritual Disciplines

    Steve Childers exposes the danger in learning the 'how' of spiritual disciplines without the 'why'. He presses us to examine our hearts as we read the Bible and pray to God.


    Motivational / Teaching

  • Does God Want Me Rich?

    When you hear things like "seed faith" ,or "God wants you to be a millionaire", you have to wonder. What’s the truth on lack and prosperity? Jim Richards has fresh understanding on how God sees it! As a child of God, success and prosperity are your God-given destiny. So why do so many Christians live in lack? Even with all the books and teachings, many are still left longing for God's abundance.


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  • Pro surfer Damien Hobgood - I'm going to live for You

    Having been on the World Championship Tour for more than 16 years, Damien Hobgood reflects on the tension of living for God while excelling at self-focused sport like surfing.



  • Crohn's Desease Miraculously Healed // Bethel TV

    A true story of how God completely removed this devastating disease. The first miracle was when the Lord restored her hope. With that she was able to reach out to receive the actual healing.


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  • The Sound of Trumpets Over Jerusalem

    In early November 2016, people in Jerusalem have been reporting the sounds of trumpets in the sky.



  • Why Evangelical Christians Should Have A Problem With Donald Trump

    Dr. Brown raises questions as to how evangelical Christians can support Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee in light of his reckless speech, among other things.



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