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  • I Found Shalom - Rose Harrison

    Rose grew up during WW2 and faced a lot of hardships, including antisemitism. Despite overcoming great odds, she felt empty. Rose was determined and passionate; she went on to get a doctorate and became a college professor. But still she felt something was missing. During one of her classes, a student wrote a paper that changed her life. The student wrote about virtues and values. This paper was very different from any other she had seen written on the subject.


    History / Testimony

  • Vietnam

    Follow Nick Vujicic as he travels around the world to 24 countries in one year, in his first ever web series! In this episode watch as Nick continues the tour in the country of Vietnam.


    Documentaries / Culture / Motivational

  • To Be Continued // Episode 10

    Peter Ahlman from Sweden was one of the first persons who got kickstarted in Denmark by Torben. After he went back to Sweden, he did something that not everyone does, after a kickstart. Something really important: he continued!



  • Salary For Pastors

    How much should a pastor get paid and who should decide this?


    Interviews / Finance

  • In Between // Part 1

    When Evan believes he's meeting up with Abby for a date, he finds himself at a church event where he has a life-altering experience. Things will never be the same for Evan again. Join us for the series entitled In Between, where we watch the faith journey of Evan unfold before us.


    Short Film / Relationships

  • Daniel Sepulveda: He Ripped It From Me So That I Would Learn To Be Humble

    As a young boy, Daniel Sepulveda was the best at everything. Speed, coordination, skill. It fit perfectly with his dream of one day starring in the NFL. But when he became a teenager his talent edge over the rest of the pack dwindled. No longer was he a star. In fact, he was a walk-on player at Baylor.



  • Jacob's Ladder Mystery

    Jacob's vision of a magnificent stairway to heaven has both fascinated and perplexed people of all religions for centuries. Explore 4000-year-old ruins with scholars and experts to learn more about this haunting account.


    Documentaries / History

  • When God Doesn't Fix It - Laura Story

    Is It Possible That Good Things Can Come Out of Our Broken Dreams? Laura Story's life took an unexpected turn when her husband, Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The devastating news forever changed their lives and brought Laura's dreams of a fairy-tale life to an end. Yet her struggles to accept her new situation also brought her deeper joy and intimacy with God as she allowed him to rewrite her story.


    Motivational / Testimony

  • Biblical Economics: From Free Markets To Socialism

    The question we need to be asking is, 'what is the best, most important thing we can do to help man as man be a faithful steward of everything in God's creation under God's law?'


    History / Business / Finance

  • Genesis Session - Introduction

    Recent breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology and biology led Chuck Missler to update and re-record this wonderful study in Genesis. With over 24 hours of teaching, this verse-by-verse study of the book of Genesis has been one of our most sought-after and best-selling series in the history of Koinonia House


    Science / History / Teaching

  • Ian Watto Watson

    Ian "Watto" Watson - author of "Every Bloke's a Champion Even You", "Champion Blokes Shed Their Shame" and "Shed Night" pioneer. Ian Watto Watson lives to encourage and help men and boys on their journey to becoming the real deal blokes God created them to be. He has had a lifetime of involvement with men through: AFL in Qld; time in the Army; his Truck Driver Training Business; and through establishing and running "Shed Nights" across Australia. He has a powerful, encouraging, inspirational message for men of all ages.


    Interviews / Motivational

  • Life In The Himalayas: Part 2

    These beautiful kids mother and father both died of natural causes when they were young. They were left abandoned with no where to go and often slept on the street. That is untill Joe, Tammy and Denis, found them, loved them, sheltered them and told them about the love of Jesus.


    Documentaries / Culture

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