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  • Dwight Howard Gets Real About Being a Christian in the NBA

    Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard shares perspective on career ups and downs and the ministry he believes God has called him to as one of the best players in the NBA.


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  • How Faith Ended a Football Coach's Career

    Football coach Joe Kennedy stood up to public school officials to defend his Christian faith. This is his story.



  • NASCAR Drivers: You Don't Even Realise How Arrogant You Are Until Everything Slips Away.

    The drivers filed in one after another for their interviews. A Daytona 500 Champion. Several young, and up-and-coming drivers. The more experienced mentor. While the camera rolled, they shared their personal stories of hope and pain, trials and triumph, victory and defeats, desperation and transformation. After a full day of filming there were multiple stories captured that could be shared as several I am Second films.


    Motivational / Testimony

  • Abraham: One Man - One God

    His covenant with God led to the birth of a nation and in the ultimate test of devotion, he was asked to sacrifice his son. Abraham's unwavering faith made him one of the holiest men in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Yet for all his renown, is there evidence that such a man existed?


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  • Speed Of Light // Part 2

    In this series we take a look into the lives of three teenagers brought together for a class project. If only life were as simple as a class project! These three teens: Lucas, Hailey, and Jackson, have to get through some major challenges in life. Through these challenges, we'll discover how we can get through our own, real life challenges.


    Short Film

  • Hope And Help For The Porn Addict

    In less than three minutes, Trip Lee offers three truths to Christians struggling with porn. He reminds viewers of God's good news, the seriousness of pornography, and the benefit of involving other believers to help us fight it.


    Christian Living / Motivational / Teaching

  • Irma Ramirez: I Forgive And I Love The People Who Have Hurt Me The Most.

    Anger, hurt and betrayal marked the life of Irma Ramirez, with childhood memories of abuse and family secrets that were never exposed. First abused by her brother and then by her cousins, Irma was left feeling broken and fearful of being alone, especially at night. Begging God to heal her inside was the only way she could imagine surviving the constant abuse.


    Testimony / Relationships

  • Building Noah's Ark

    Answers in Genesis is working on their most ambitious project to date. A full scale replica of Noah's Ark/Museum/Theme Park. Apologia TV was blessed with the opportunity to get an exclusive behind the scenes tour with the one and only Ken Ham. Watch the entire special and get your tickets to Ark Encounter now!


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  • Lion of Judah - featuring David Walker & Heath Williams

    Written and led by Heath Williams and David Walker from 10,000 Fathers. "Lion of Judah" was recorded during a night of worship in March of 2016. It will be featured on the upcoming live album entitled "Adventure."



  • Biblical Economics: The Welfare And Corporate States

    "Ultimately it is that nation that is going to pay, because we are building, equiering and constructing, programs and structures and buildings and bridges that the market doesn't call for. This really creates 3 major problems. 1. The mindset that the government is responsible for individual welfare. 2. The Government is responsible for corporate welfare. 3. Now wealth results from political connections."


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  • Macau and Hong Kong

    Follow Nick Vujicic as he travels around the world to 24 countries in one year, in his first ever web series! In this episode watch as Nick continues the tour in Macau and Hong Kong.


    Culture / Motivational

  • King David - Poet Warrior

    Born around 1000 BC, David was the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem. A shepherd boy, David learned survival protecting the family flocks from wild beast. When the Lord's favor turned from King Saul, the Prophet Samuel secretly anointed David as the future king of Israel.


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